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Rafting along the Kozhim River (Nether-Polar Urals)

Participation conditions

  • Tourists participate in tour preparation and carrying out, including the following:

    • Tourist equipment and food packing;

    • Carrying of tourist equipment along the route;

    • Camp installation;

    • Camp duty shifts and meals cooking.

  • Tourists shall observe safety rules and follow instructions of the team leader during the whole tour period.

  • Tourists shall wear safety vests when in the boat. When walking along the route, the tourists shall not get ahead of the team leader or behind the rear man.

  • Tourists shall respect local population, take care of nature.

  • Itinerary can be adjusted on place based on the weather conditions, team fitness level.

Tourists shall have the following

  • Sensible travel clothes: trousers, light anorak, warm jacket, warm pullover and tights, long-sleeve shirt, headwear, woolen and cotton socks, change clothes (underwear), bathing suit, rain protection, windproof suit.

  • Appropriate shoes: shoes for walking (with a tough thick sole, such as quarter boots), camping, rafting, and climbing (trainers, sneakers), and fishing (gumboots)

  • Personal equipment: rucksack, PU mat, sleeping bag, ground pad (renting is possible).

  • Personal effects: hygienic items, sun glasses, flashlight, mug, plate, spoon, knife, waterproof bags, mosquito repellant cream and spray, sunscreen.

  • First-aid kit: band-aid (for scratches and corns), pills against stomach aches, fever, and personal illnesses (predispositions).

  • Documents in waterproof package: passport, health insurance policy, insurance.

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